Here’s my story…

I come from a broken family, raised in a small town by a single dad with very modest means. I was the typical middle child; an introverted, analytical, attention-seeking goofball, and a peacemaker when needed. I had a difficult childhood plagued with depression, anxiety and dramatic ups and downs. Members of my family battled with excessive mental health issues making it hard for me to ever know what 'normal’ was. I was taught to believe that dreams of greatness were only dreams; far away ideas that could never be achieved. No one ever challenged me to believe in myself enough to accomplish any of my goals, so I simply didn’t set any. I had always dreamed of a better life but never believed that I deserved it.

I somehow made it to college where I made one bad decision after another and continued doing the bare minimum in life. I managed to skate through on my goofy charm and limited good looks... until I wore that out too. I had a history of never finishing anything and giving up on myself. I never believed success would ever come to someone like me. After completely giving up on myself, and everything I knew, I had come to a life-altering crossroads; continue living this self-sabotaging, destructive life I hated, or DO something to change it. So, I decided to leave my past in the past and start over in a new city as far away as I could imagine at the time. With no money, no belongings, nowhere to live and no relevant skills, it was difficult to get a job, make friends or even to find a place to hang my hat. Having to start from scratch, I experienced more rejection and heartbreak than I ever thought possible. I was more lost than ever before and had every excuse in the book. I was going nowhere fast and no matter what I tried to do, I failed... hard.

My moment came when reality slapped me in the face and my girlfriend (now wife) asked me a simple question “What do you WANT from your life?” It had never occurred to me that I, myself, could ever have the courage to be able to choose my path in life. I realized I might never be able to control my circumstances or what happens to me in life, but I CAN control how I respond when bad things happen, how I react to it, and how my attitude about my suffering can change my reality. In that moment, I made it my life’s goal to finish what I start, live with pride and self-worth, and help as many people struggling with similar issues do the same thing.

I had always loved Real Estate and dreamed of becoming financially free so I jumped into the game with both feet. I faced rejection head on and FAILED my way to becoming one of the top agents in the city within the first year of entering the profession. In spite of a number of major setbacks and struggles along the way, I fought my way through more rejection, embarrassment, incompetency, lack of support and, my personal favourite, the blunt end of the politics of becoming 'successful'. Learning 'the hard way’ is unfortunately the only way I can learn and every day is a struggle. I’m constantly forced to challenge my way of thinking, keep an open mind to new possibilities for growth and consistently realign my focus with my vision... But if I can do it, then you can too!

I’ve come to realize that creating fulfillment and meaning in my own life comes from helping others find their own fulfillment. Once you decide that you have the power within yourself to rise above your setbacks and ultimately live the life you want, you have the power to push past your comfort zone, think outside the box and arrange your priorities to live your most meaningful life! Never stop learning, never stop growing, and never stop changing your perspective to discover your true potential! There’s never going to be a better time to start living the life you WANT than right now!

Success is a journey not a destination… and life long students are the best teachers… Join me on the journey!

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The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.

—Vince Lombardi

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