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29 Aug 2018
Does Money Bring Happiness? How Much is Enough??
  • BY: Chris Molenaar

Money is a tool.  It's something we can use to develop, create, and generate things and contributions.  Its natural for us to grow and express freely, so this also includes our desire to have more money.  Although, we have to remember that money only does certain things for us - food, clothing, shelter, education, health, and insurance. 

Simply put, the demand for your skills and abilities, and the competition raised by others looking for your skills and abilities generates and creates money. 

'Want' versus 'desire' - 'want' happens in the conscious mind while 'desire' has been developed into your subconscious.  A desire becomes a part of who you are.

There are three areas to choose how much money you 'want' - the income you earn, the net worth you have, and the amount you want when you retire or can not work anymore. 

To grow and become something better, we must do more than what we are being paid for.  We attract what we are, not what we want to be.  Because of this, most people find themselves going through life as the passenger rather than the pilot.  When we develop a deep desire, we become the pilot.  Being the pilot helps to drive, create, and utilize our abilities to grow and attract the things we strive for.

There is always room for growth no matter who you are.  Don't find yourself standing still - you're either growing or dying.

Is money my servant, or am I a servant to money? 

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