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15 Aug 2018
How to DOUBLE Your Income
  • BY: Chris Molenaar

When looking to double more income, everyone focuses on a strategy, but there is another important part.  You also need to improve your self-image.  There are several reasons this is a vital part of doubling your income.  Have you ever heard the saying "The income you receive today is a direct reflection of how you see yourself"?  We can't outgrow the limits we impose on ourselves.  Those mental and emotional limits shape how we perceive ourselves - our self-image.

Consumption of content and material alone isn't going to bring you success.  You need to pair it with visualization, and focus.  Visualize what you want - how much money you want - then focus on that continuously every day.  Make it a habit.  Make it a part of yourself.  Doing this will naturally make you think better of yourself. 

Believing you deserve success is a learned skill.   Visualize the destination, employ your emotion to gain experience, and utilize your intuition to find your way there. 

Reach out and ask questions, maybe I can point you in the right direction so that you can break your glass ceiling and reach the success you want.

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