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22 Aug 2018
How to ENJOY the Process and NOT Worry About the Outcome
  • BY: Chris Molenaar

A lot of people get caught up in the regular, everyday grind - the things we do on a regular basis that are not always the most enjoyable tasks.  The very successful people manage to find ways to make these tasks enjoyable or have become so good at it that it becomes natural or party of who they are. 

Success is a marathon not a sprint.  How are you approaching your process? Are you being self-aware? 

Some people focus on their goals for the recognition, but what if that recognition never comes?   Also, focusing just on your goals can make the process more difficult and unenjoyable.  So how do we enjoy the process?  We can give ourselves credit along the way.  Sometimes it's using repetition and becoming proficient at the unenjoyable tasks that makes them enjoyable. 

Making your day-to-day process more enjoyable can improve your overall happiness, how you operate, and can improve your chances of achieving the goals you've set for yourself.  AND even if you don't achieve your goal, you still had fun along the way - it's a win-win!

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