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18 Jul 2018
How to Take Control of Your Life
  • BY: Chris Molenaar

Whether we know it or not, we are constantly being programmed by the activities we are involved in, the media we listen to, and the people we associate with - not to mention our upbringing.  When you stop to think what's going on in your subconscious mind, most people don't take enough time to realize that is the one thing that controls everything in your life.

Today I'm going to explain five things you can do to completely change your life and to take control of your thoughts, actions, activities, and emotions.

  1. Self-Awareness
    1. You need to recognise what your negative thought patterns are.
    2. When you notice a negative pattern, write it down immediately.
    3. Keep a list!
  2. Create an affirmation to replace that negative thought.
    1. Write down the affirmation.
  3. Repeat your affirmation.
    1. Use a notebook, notepad, or smartphone app to write down your affirmation  repetitively.
    2. Additionally, you can use a voice recording app on your smartphone to record your affirmation and listen to it throughout the day.
    3. This reprograms your mind with what you want to present into your own life.
  4. Use emotion and visualization.
    1. When you use repetition, you want to let go of your conscious, thinking mind and let your subconscious take it's place.
    2. Connect to your subconscious mind with emotion, let your brain clear, and use your imagination to visualize what you want to happen.
  5. Recognize this state of mind.
    1. Recognize when you clear your head and use your subconscious so that you can repeat this process more easily.
    2. Continue this process.
    3. It takes around three months for a habit to become embedded into your subconscious mind so that you can keep it with you forever.

You can do anything you set your mind too when you replace your negative thoughts and habits with positive affirmations and habits.  Continue using these techniques until it becomes your new normal then you can utilize it to its full capability and enjoy life.  

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