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3 Oct 2018
How You Can Make Every Conversation Easy
  • BY: Chris Molenaar

In business and every day life, conversations are incredibly important.  You find yourself talking to all different types of people and that can be daunting.  There are four major personality types and they are as follows:

  1. Driver Personality - in control, practical, likes to get things done, goal oriented, short tempered, irritable, practical, in charge/leaders, can be confrontational, has a short fuse
  2. Expressive Personality - center of attention, full of enthusiasm, actively social, full of energy, afraid of embarrassment, wear's feelings on their sleeves, wants to be liked, good at building relationships
  3. Amiable Personality - compassionate, empathetic, caring, good listener, team player, can easily take offence, soft spoken, charismatic, relaxed, peaceful, sincere
  4. Analytical Personality - detail oriented, good with facts and figures, wise and quiet, rational and logic, conserved with feelings, skeptical with other's feelings, long time making decisions, can be very conserved

You can definitely fit into multiple personality categories, but usually there is usually one that fits better than the others.  Which personality type are you?

As you continue to talk with others, try to figure out their personality styles.  You can then tailor your approach to their personality.  It's really that easy!  Watch the video to see examples and hear about my personal experiences.

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