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4 Jul 2018
Making Decisions - Beware: Procrastination Station
  • BY: Chris Molenaar

Firstly, we need understand the difference between obstacles and excuses.  Being cognisant of ourselves and the excuses we make for ourselves is important.  There are many of people out there who have had no shortage of obstacles, but have achieved great amounts of success we never have thought was possible.

Secondly, striving for a goal automatically creates success for yourself.  Find a goal big or small, head towards it, commit to it, and you will automatically find, feel, and become successful.  Now remember - be specific with your goals. The more specific you make your goals and the more intention you put into the things you want to achieve will exponentially raise the chances of it actually happening.  Additionally, when you internalize your goals and let them consume you, you will find it becomes your everyday life and you, in turn, become successful.

If you are having trouble starting, set small goals.  This will help you gain confidence and momentum - then setting a big goal will create inspiration.  Make sure you set goals one at a time, or you will soon find yourself running in circles with a pile of half completed goals.

Next, live life with a purpose.  Beware of the opinions of others as they usually don’t have your goals in mind.  Also, take time to listen and think before you speak.  There is no limit of knowledge you can gain from the world that can help you attain your goals.  However, be aware of divulging your plans as it can put your own goals at risk.  Others can sidetrack you for their own gain, or accomplish what you've set out to do. 

On a final note, give this a bit of thought.  Why don't we protect our dreams like we insure our belongings?

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