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6 Jun 2018
The Best Time of Year to Sell Your Home
  • BY: Chris Molenaar

It’s a popular question, and it really depends on what city you live in and current economic factors.  Typically, in most Canadian cities 60% of real estate transactions happen in the second quarter - Spring.  Why? Because weather plays a big factor in when sellers want to list.  However, it might not be the best time of year to sell your home because there is a lot of competition.  For example, buyers competing for the best listings, or sellers having lots of other competition in their price point, which affects how much they list at.  In my opinion, one of the best times of year to sell a home is right before the snow melts.

Perfectly timing the market isn’t everything.  Having a market-ready property is even more important.  Making sure your home is staged properly or doing certain types of renovations can sometimes double the amount you’ve invested depending on the condition of the house and your price point.

Local industry experts can predict short-term trends and can help you with properly listing your home.  Playing into market trends and having a market-ready home can help you get the best return on your property. 

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