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11 Jul 2018
Top 5 Marriage Tips for Real Estate
  • BY: Chris Molenaar
  1. Get on the same page!
    1. There is no materialistic belonging that is more important than your relationship!
    2. You could damage your relationship if you don't get on the same page first before going through the home buying process.
    3. Remember to fight fair.
  2. Don't let your emotions get involved with your budget
    1. Personal finance
    2. The number one biggest mistake for couples with their personal finances is buying a house that is outside of what you can comfortably afford.
    3. Make sure you double check your budget and make sure you talk about how much you are comfortable spending with each other.
  3. Put some logic into this process
    1. Ask your realtor to help you both create your personal “wants” list
    2. Compare your lists and talk about what's important to each of you
  4. Your In-laws
    1. They are there to help you!
    2. Can have great tidbits and wisdom to help you through this process
    3. Make sure you always have your best interests in mind though!
  5. Personality Styles
    1. Have fun finding out what your and your spouse's personality styles are!
    2. Can help you understand your significant other when you make decisions in your future as well.

Have FUN and ENJOY the process!

"There is no materialistic belonging that is more important than your marriage!"

- Chris Molenaar
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