Real estate investing can be fun… but you should never get into it because it seems exciting… it shouldn’t be.  The life and the freedom it can provide is the reason we all get involved.  The better we become at the fundamentals, the more often we win, and easier it becomes.  It’s not complicated, but it is a lot of hard work—and with the right resources and the right team it can be highly profitable.  A proper plan and system in place will help you create your exit strategy and mitigate risk.

Being creative and thinking outside the box is almost essential when you’re starting out.  There are many strategies you might want to implement, but it’s all going to depend on your goals.  Investing without goals is like playing the lottery or heading seaward without a map or a sail.

Believe it or not though, you can start small.  Real estate investing can seem overwhelming because of the bigger purchase as compared to other starting investment strategies, but the truth is- it doesn’t have to be that scary.  Most starting investors struggle with not knowing where to start—and hesitating to pull the trigger when the right deal comes along.

Depending on what your goals are, you might decide to flip houses, line up rent to own deals and agreements for sale, vendor takeback deals, buy reno and hold/ refinance, buy and hold, secure hard money lenders, joint venture agreements, wholesaling, or other creative financing options.

Having proper financial education, market knowledge, and a strong mindset will be the fundamentals that help you weather the storm if and when setbacks happen.  Understanding how money works, how the financial system works, and how people think about money and typically deal with their money will help you gain an edge when you’re out working in the field.

Whether you are securing your first real estate investment, liquidating your portfolio, diversifying, or simply adding to your inventory, I can help!  It is essential to have the right connections, negotiating skills, expertise and creativity to make your vision of lifetime security and financial FREEDOM your reality!

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