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29 Jan 2020
What's Your Next Move?
  • BY: Chris Molenaar, REALTOR®

As a kid from BC, moving to Saskatchewan was a big step and a milestone that transformed my future and career.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 12 years in SK, and 7 years in real estate.  It’s all happened slowly over time, yet somehow one day it “hits” you when you take the time to look back. 

It’s subtle, yet surreal, and hard to believe at times.  A lot has changed for me over the past 12 years and I’m forever grateful for the continued support of clients, friends, family, and of course my teammates.

I love BC, and often miss the good ol’ days, especially in what seems like 10 months of winter and minus 40, but I’m proud to call Saskatoon my home- because of course, home is where the heart is!

I must say though, the roughriders do wear on you over time and even though I won’t fully submit to the label of “rider fan”, I am a huge fan: of the fans themselves, the people of Saskatchewan.

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